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Welcome to Wobbly! We're always looking for new contributors, whether their background is in tech, design, organizing, project management, or anything else.

Wobbly is developed by an international group of volunteers. We don't all share the same political viewpoints, but we do have a common goal of using technology for empowering workers.

Suggested reading

The best place to start is by reading the overview of Wobbly and the introduction to our democratic development process. Then come say hi on our Discord chat!


We have three main communication channels, used for different types of conversations.

  • Our Discord chat is for general conversation, quick questions, small updates, and sharing cool articles or memes. It's where most of us hang out when we're working on Wobbly.
  • The forum is for longer-form discussions. If we're debating a technical or strategic decision, this is the best place to do it -- it ensures that the conversation is easily accessible to newcomers in the future, and it encourages slightly longer posts.
  • Lastly, this wiki is for more static content that is unlikely to change drastically. It's a good place for general overviews, tutorials, or introductions (like this one)!


  • All our code is free and open source. It lives on GitHub.
  • We have a mailing list. We don't send updates often, so if you'd like to stay up to date with Wobbly but don't have much time to follow our chat and forum, this might be useful for you.


  • Our versioning scheme is detailed on this wiki: Versioning